I have just started ordering food online. I came across this site named as BOX8. I ordered a paneer fusion box. It was the best! I have to say that if you haven’t already ordered food from here then what are you doing!? Lol. They serve you mesmerizing food! In the paneer fusion box the first layer was of a spicy and tasty curry! (I love curry! You!?) over it they add rice and on top of it they add salad and the green chutney and of course panner(cottage cheese) Β  Even serve you variety of wraps, pizzas, fusion boxes and desserts(my favorite!). They serve the food in a cute little black box. I think I am looking forward to order more from this site and get fat. πŸ˜€

Note: it is not sponsored by BOX8. Β It’s my honest review

PS. I know it was not that time worthy. I have just started. I hope you will support!

Pps- box8 is an Indian food service company.




4 thoughts on “BOX8 REVIEW”

  1. Welcome newbie. Hope you enjoyed your paneer. Yummy!
    Looking forward to more posts from your side.
    P.S.- Just loved your blog title ‘Craftspire’

    Liked by 1 person

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